DOVE Consulting shall ensure all provisions for informed consent and confidentiality are met, in addition to maintaining all HIPPA requirements. Confidentiality shall be discussed at the outset of the relationship between DOVE Consulting and its clients; and thereafter as new circumstances may warrant. DOVE Consulting shall obtain informed consent for assessments, evaluations or diagnostic services. Informed consent shall include an explanation of the nature and purpose of the assessment, fees, involvement of third parties and limits of confidentiality, allowing sufficient opportunity for the client to ask questions and receive answers. DOVE Consulting will never disclose confidential information without the consent of the client, except as mandated by law, or where permitted by law for a valid purpose, such as (1) to provide needed professional services to the client, (2) to obtain appropriate professional consultations, (3) to protect the client or others from harm, or (4) to obtain payment for services, in which instance disclosure is limited to the minimum that is necessary to achieve the purpose. DOVE Consulting shall ensure that confidentiality of test results and test security are maintained, and include in their recommendations, reports and diagnostic or evaluative statements, discussion of any limitations on the data obtained. DOVE Consulting will not create situations likely to result in the sharing of any identifying information (written, photographic, or video) regarding current clients. DOVE Consulting shall maintain appropriate confidentiality in creating, storing, accessing, transferring, and disposing of records under their control, whether these are written, automated, electronic, or in any other medium; and will do so in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, corporate policies, and organizational policies.