Private Assessments

Individual families seeking private assessments in order to understand their child’s social, emotional, behavioral, or learning needs may choose to contract with a Licensed Educational Psychologist at their own expense. DOVE Consulting will conduct a confidential and comprehensive psycho-educational assessment for ages 5-22 years, sharing the assessment findings with parents in a way that provides meaningful direction and practical strategies to address referring questions and concerns.

Costs are provided in writing following an intake call and prior to initiating assessment. Services range from $4000 – $7,000 depending upon need and complexity of assessment. With private pay, 50% of the total cost must be paid prior to start of the assessment, with the balance due at the conclusion of assessment. The assessment report will be released once final payment is received.

Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)

When a parent disagrees with the most recent assessment conducted by their child’s school district, and requests an Independent Education Evaluation (IEE), DOVE Consulting contracts with the school district to conduct a comprehensive psychological-educational evaluation that serves as second source of information. The goal of the Licensed Educational Psychologist (LEP) in this process is to assist the IEP team in evaluating existing and new data rendered by the IEE assessment findings for the purpose of developing appropriate IEP goals and services.

Costs range from $4000 – $7,000 depending upon need and complexity of assessment. A written estimate is provided to the district in advance of assessment. A contract will be established between DOVE Consulting and the district prior to initiating services.

Assessments For School Districts

When a local school district requires the support of an LEP to complete assessments that extend beyond their staffing capabilities at a given time, DOVE Consulting may be an option. Pricing may be negotiated depending upon the number and scope of assessments. A contract will be established between parties prior to initiating services.

Educational Consultation

Parents of school age children may require support in understanding their child’s most recent assessments, current IEP documents, 504 Accommodations Plan, or other student support plans and related documents. Following an initial review of all related educational documents, DOVE Consulting is available to meet with you for the purpose of defining assessment results in everyday language; answering your specific questions about processes, paperwork, and assessment results; and preparing you to fully participate and advocate for your child in upcoming educational meetings. Understanding the learning profile of your child in the context of their strengths and weakness, and ensuring current educational goals, services, and supports address all areas of need is crucial to the success of your child. Understanding your role and rights as a parent in the educational process of your child does not have to be overwhelming. It is the goal of DOVE Consulting that you have the tools to ensure your child is accessing their learning through appropriate supports and services.

Cost varies and is determined by the complexity of your child’s educational history and presenting needs. Review of educational records may range from $300-$500. This includes the consultation planning and preparation, and initial one hour meeting. Additional meeting hours will be billed at a rate of $225 per hour. A written estimate will be provided prior to initiating services.