Behavioral Consultation Services For Private Families

DOVE Consulting provides in-home behavior consultation and intervention services through the application and implementation of ABA principles trained by highly trained professionals. Private pay families in need of support with crisis intervention, behavior management, and skill training may access services in their home or the environment their child or loved one is requiring support. Highly skilled and trained RBT, BCaBA, and BCBA level providers will render services depending on the complexity of need. Fees and terms of service are outlined in a contract between DOVE Consulting and the private pay family prior to initiation of services.

Behavioral Consultation Services For Licensed Care Homes

DOVE Consulting contracts with licensed group homes and care homes serving juvenile and/or adult populations with developmental disabilities. Contracted behavioral services are designed in accordance with licensing requirements for your setting, the unique needs of your clients, and the outlined provisions of your program design. Services may include but are not limited to: functional behavior assessments, behavior intervention plans, staff skill training, face to face client behavior consultation, data evaluation and progress monitoring, quarterly report writing, IPP attendance, other interdisciplinary team meeting attendance, emergency behavior interventions, and any related plan modifications to support client success. DOVE Consulting will partner with the Residential Service Provider in promoting quality of life and overall development of residents through a person-centered approach and evidence-based practices in ABA, maintaining positive collaboration with all members of the treatment team. Fees and terms of service are outlined in a contract between DOVE Consulting and the residential care facility prior to initiation of services.

Program Design Support For Care Homes

DOVE Consulting is available to support prospective care homes with their Program Design as part of the vendorization and licensing process. Care homes often request components specific to the behavioral aspects of the Program Design but may also request support in making needed revisions to any draft of their design. DOVE Consulting is careful to contribute elements that enhance your overall Program Design while aligning with your core values, mission, and intended residential facility culture. A written estimate of fees will be provided prior to initiating services and may be based on hourly rates for research and revisions, or flat rates for specific components of the design.