Continued Education For Residential Care Facilities

DOVE Consulting provides quality continued education opportunities for residential service providers and their staff on a quarterly or annual basis, and in accordance with the nature and scope of specific education needs outlined by your licensing and vendorization requirements. Courses may be provided in person or virtually, depending on the need and size of group. Copies of training materials and certificates of completion for participants are provided upon receipt of payment for services. A written estimate of cost is provided prior to the onset of training courses.

Parent Training

DOVE Consulting teaches parents how to support their unique child across a range of social, developmental, emotional, and behavioral needs using a combination of evidence-based strategies, curriculums, and treatment modalities. The specific presenting challenges across behaviors, skills, situations, and settings will determine the nature and scope of parent training. Individual or group trainings may be recommended and provide opportunities for parents, caregivers, individuals and families to connect as they learn more about strategies and techniques others have found to be helpful. Parent training is live and in person or virtual, as direct coaching is critical to family success. Our goal is to increase parental confidence to manage ongoing maladaptive behavior and skill deficits in their child, while decreasing the need for ongoing consultation and support. Fees are determined following an initial intake call. A written estimate of the scope and sequence of training will be developed, and fees may be collected on a per session basis, as agreed upon prior to the initiation of services.

Workshops for Organizations

DOVE Consulting collaborates with community-based agencies or organizations to provide group workshops that enhance the skills of practitioners and service providers working with high needs and at-risk juvenile and adult populations. Those in the medical, mental health, educational, behavioral, juvenile justice, foster youth, or residential care fields may benefit from ongoing support and development of skills. Workshops may be tailored to the unique needs of your organization and may focus on topics including but not limited to professional ethics, compassion fatigue, self-care, principles of effective communication, collaboration and consultation practices, person-centered treatment planning, and crisis interventions. Workshops may be conducted in person or virtually. A written estimate of cost is provided prior to the initiation of any services. It is required that 50% of the cost be remitted prior to the development of workshop and training materials for your organization. The remaining 50% must be remitted prior to the agreed upon date of the workshop.